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12 Things To Do In Rotorua At Night

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With its geothermal wonders, beautiful lake, and interesting museums, Rotorua is a great city to visit during the day. But when the sun goes down, the city offers a totally different set of attractions. Whether you want to enjoy a Maori evening show, soak in hot pools or take a canopy tour, there is always something going on in Rotorua. If you’re planning a trip to Rotorua and wondering what to do in the evening, check out this list of 12 things to do in Rotorua at night.

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1. Take a walk in the Redwoods

At night, you can take a walk among the majestic Redwood trees and enjoy the beautiful nocturnal experience of the forest nightlights. You’ll get to experience the suspended ecological walk and admire the stunning light displays. It’s a fantastic way to get a bird’s eye perspective of the forest and to capture its ambiance and magic.

Book the Redwoods tree walk

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Credit: Treewalk

2. See a Maori evening performance

Rotorua is the best place in New Zealand to discover Maori culture. The Tamaki Maori village and the Mitai Maori village offer evening shows with traditional songs and performances.  You’ll get to learn about the history of the village and the area. On top of that, you’ll be treated to an authentic Hangi dinner with food cooked in an underground oven.

Book a Maori evening performance at the Tamaki Village, at the Mitai Village

Maori evening show rotorua

3. Play mini golf

Mini golf is fun, and at night it’s even more fun! The mini golf in Rotorua sparkles with thousands of lights at night and turns into a magical wonderland. Rotorua mini golf is a great place for a cheap and fantastic night out with your family or friends. On top of that, the mini golf is set in beautiful native bush and features waterfalls, fish ponds, and wildlife.

Book the night time mini golf

night golf

4. Soak in hot pools 

Rotorua is a fantastic place to relax and unwind in natural geothermal waters. Whether you want to soak in the waters of the Te Manaroa spring at the Waikite Valley Thermal Pools, treat yourself to a Polynesian spa or simply relax in one of the many natural hot pools, you’ll love Rotorua’s geothermal wonders. The Waikite Valley is open until 9pm and the Polynesian spa until 11pm, so it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of these hot pools at night.

Book the Polynesian spa or the Waikite Valley Thermal Pools

girls soaking in hot pools

5. Grab some food

There is no lack of amazing restaurants in Rotorua, so treating yourself to a nice dinner is a great thing to do at night. Stratosfare is one of the most popular restaurants. With their delicious food, and exceptional service, it’s a hot spot in Rotorua and you will most likely have to book a table if you want to dine there. For some contemporary New Zealand flavors, try Atticus Finch. Their dinner options emphasize on shared meals.

Book the Atticus Finch or the Stratosfare

restaurant food

6. Take a night walk

Rotorua is home to a 26 kilometers long walkway, split into 8 shorter sections. Take a night walk on one of the trails to enjoy Rotorua’s most scenic points of interests, including geothermal areas, wildlife, and historic sites. You can also simply take a stroll along beautiful Lake Rotorua, and watch the sunset.

Check out the Rotorua walkways

evening lake rotorua things to do at night

7. Unwind in a mud bath

Looking for a unique experience in Rotorua? Why not take a mud bath at Hell’s Gate. Maori warriors used to bathe in the mud and waters of Tikitere for centuries to soothe their battle wounds. Now, it’s your turn to exfoliate your skin and experience a rejuvenating experience in Rotorua. Hell’s Gate is open until 8:30pm.

Book a mud bath at Hell’s Gate

mud bath rotorua

8. Visit the night market

The night market is a popular thing to do in Rotorua at night. It’s on every Thursday evening from 5pm to 9pm. At the market, you can try street food from all over the world, enjoy local music, and discover the arts, crafts and produce of the region. This vibrant market is one of Rotorua’s greatest local markets and is a fantastic place for a fun and entertaining evening.

Check out Rotorua’s night market

night market

9. Enjoy a nocturnal adventure

Real Rotorua offers many tours in the area, including nocturnal adventures. Take a walk through native bush, discover secret places and marvel at fhe glowworms that lit up like the night sky. Rotorua is home to many natural wonders which makes it a fantastic place to take a walk through native forest. So, don’t miss this opportunity! 

Book a nocturnal adventure with Real Rotorua

noctunal adventure

10. Have a drink

Having a drink is certainly not the most original thing to do in Rotorua, but it can be quite fun. In fact, Rotorua is home to many traditional bars and pubs, most of them located on the eat street (Tutanekai street). Pig & Whistle is a popular historic pub offering a good selection of drinks. If you fancy beer, head to Brew, a craft beer pub. You can also catch the sunset while having a drink at Our Backyard Pub, on Eruera street.

Check out Pig & Whistle, Brew, or Our Backyard Pub

have a drink in rotorua at night

11. Go stargazing

New Zealand is well-known for its incredible night skies, and Mount Ngongotaha is one of the top ten locations in the country for stargazing. You can even take a tour with Skyline Rotorua and watch the starry sky with top-notch telescopes, and see the galaxies, planets, and nebulas.

Book a stargazing tour with Skyline Rotorua

Milky Way New Zealand

12. Take a canopy tour

In summer, you can take canopy tours and zip line through Rotorua’s native forest at night. It’s a fantastic opportunity to discover New Zealand’s birds and wildlife, immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a thrilling adventure in the great outdoors. If you’re traveling to Rotorua in winter, you can still do these tours during the day.

Book a canopy tour

canopy tour nz

Credit: canopytours.co.nz

Rotorua is one of the most popular places to visit on the North Island of New Zealand. With its many interesting attractions and fantastic nightlife, Rotorua is definitely worth a trip. Have you done one of these 12 things to do in Rotorua at night? Let me know in the comments below!

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