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The Best Places To Buy Crystals Online

As a crystal lover and jewelry maker, people often ask me for the best places to buy crystals online. I have to buy crystals all the time to make my jewelry, so I can honestly say I have purchased from many online shops.

I’ve compiled a list of trusted vendors who offer quality crystals at reasonable prices. But first, I’ll give you my best tips to buy crystals online.

Is it safe to buy crystals online?

Most people will tell you that buying crystals online isn’t the best option. First, because it is harder to tell if a crystal is genuine or fake, and also because you can’t feel its energy. But, if like me, you don’t live near a crystal shop, then buying online is most probably your best option. I think you can still see the beauty of crystals online, and you can also find the one that is meant to be with you. 

It is relatively safe to buy crystals online, and you shouldn’t go paranoid over getting a fake crystal. Yes, some retailers do sell fake, man-made crystals, but not all of them. It is always a good idea to know what you’re looking for before purchasing crystals online and to be a bit educated about them. This way, you can avoid getting something you didn’t want, like heat-treated, dyed, or man-made crystals.

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Tips for buying crystals online

I buy almost all my crystals online, and I always look at the same things to make sure I’m buying a genuine crystal from a reputable seller. Here are my best tips:

1. Look at the pictures and description

Always make sure the crystal you want to purchase is shown in several angles on the pictures. Also, the pictures should be clear and show all the details of the stone. The description should mention the size of the crystal, its origin, and price. The downside of online shops is that sometimes you can’t choose the exact stone you want. So, you just receive something similar to the pictures. Always double-check, especially when buying a larger crystal.

2. Identify the crystal you want

That’s it, you’ve found the crystal of your dreams! Now, identify it and use a crystal book if needed. Some sellers will list the crystal properties on their website, but once again I would advise using a trusted crystal book to double-check. Most sellers either make mistakes or simply give inaccurate information. 

3. Communicate with the seller

If you have questions, or doubts about your purchase, you should definitely communicate with the seller. It’ll also give you an idea of how serious the website is. If the seller takes several days to answer or isn’t helpful at all, I wouldn’t purchase there. 

4. Check the shop’s social media presence

Another great way to know if a shop is active and updated is to check social media. I always make sure the shop I’m buying from either has recent reviews or is active online. 

5. Always read the reviews

Reviews are a very important criteria for me. I always read several reviews before I buy. First, because I want to be sure I will receive the goods, and second because I want to receive exactly what I bought. Reading reviews is a great way to know more about the shipping times, packaging and quality of the product. 

6. Notice the shipping charges

If you’re from outside of the USA, I strongly recommend looking closely at the shipping charges. They can be surprisingly high sometimes. And, unfortunately, I’ve noticed that more sellers are pushing the prices up so they can actually make money off the shipping charge. Also, most country’s have limits on imports, which means that if you buy in bulk, you could pay extra when you receive your parcel.

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The best places to buy crystals online

Most of the shops I recommend in this post are on Etsy. It is a reputable and safe platform that I like to use. I have bought from most of these shops, and have been happy with my purchases. Also, you might find that a couple of sellers I mention in this list offer crystals that are a bit overpriced, but they made it to the list because they have stunning or unique products. So, here is a list of the best places to buy crystals online: 

Spirit Nectar: I bought many crystals from Spirit Nectar, and I’m never disappointed. She is a very popular seller on Etsy and Instagram. This shop has a wide range of crystal points, spheres, palm stones and more. Plus, $1 of each crystal sold is donated to a charity in Madagascar.

I Love Lotus: with over 2,500 items in the shop, I Love Lotus offers geodes, clusters, spheres, carved crystals, and even crystal jewelry. They have a lot of different stones and are reasonably priced.

Moonchild Minerals: I love Moonchild Minerals because it has a range of beautiful Aura Quartz including spheres, points, and clusters. But she has many other crystals available. Most of the time, you can choose the exact crystal you want from the picture. 

New Moon Beginnings: New Moon Beginnings is a popular Etsy shop. She sells healing crystals, aromatherapy and energy products. Whether you want to grab a new crystal, sage sticks or crystal jewelry, new moon beginnings has what you’re looking for

Midnight Aura Crystals: This is the best shop for Aura Quartz lovers. In fact, Midnight Aura Crystals sells the most beautiful aura/angel aura quartz you’ll ever see, including Aura Amethyst. I love this shop, it’s so magical!

Stone And Spirit Shop: Another magical shop filled with stunning crystals. Stone And Spirit Shop is popular for its beautiful aura quartz moons and stars which are gorgeous for jewelry making. 

Mandala Gems: Mandala Gems sells ethically sourced crystals. She has many gorgeous and unique crystals that any collector would love to have. She even sells crystal skincare, including a rose quartz clay mask. If you’re looking for unique gifts, I recommend this shop.

Rocks With Sass: I follow this shop on Instagram, and let me tell you they post the most beautiful pictures! But more than that, they have a beautiful shop full of amazing crystals, ritual candles, grids, jewelry, and even crystal soaps. I love Rocks With Sass and I definitely recommend you check it out.

All That Shimmerzz: All That Shimmerzz also has a wide variety of crystals on offer. Check out the carved crystals, they are awesome. Especially the ones that are carved like animals. You’ll find dogs, cats, deers, and more. 

Sage Goddess: Sage Goddess is a very reputable crystal shop. Palm stones, pyramids, spheres, wands, Sage Goddess has everything you could ever want. I find her prices to be reasonable, and the whole website is actually super interesting if you are into the metaphysical side of things. 

crystals and metaphysical books

The best places to buy cabochons for jewelry making

Gemstone World UK: Gemstone World UK specializes in small cabochons for jewelry making. They also have pretty interesting specimens of raw moonstone and labradorite. I bought from this shop and wasn’t disappointed with the service or the quality of their stone. I definitely recommend buying from them, especially if you’re in Europe and want to get your stones quickly.

The Rainbow Gems: I’m a big fan of crystal shops from India, and have bought from many including this one. This shop sells labradorite, moonstone, amethyst, jasper, chrysocolla, malachite and more. The Rainbow Gems is excellent, and the prices are more than fair.

Gemstone Point: Another great seller from India. This shop has more variety than the one I mentioned above. Gemstone Point is truly one of the best if you want unique cabochons for jewelry making. They even offer free drill service and free shipping on orders over $30.

YGNSHOP: I haven’t bought from this shop yet, but I definitely intend too. I’m really attracted to labradorite – blue ones, purple ones, carved ones! YGNSHOP has excellent reviews so you can buy with confidence.

Phoenix Rising Gem Shop: Phoenix Rising Gem Shop sells cabochons on Instagram. This account is super popular on the platform because their cabochons are truly unique and fantastic. I have often wanted to buy from them, but their products always disappear in a heartbeat. Hopefully one day I’ll get one of their potion bottle cabochons. 

AK Gems Creations: This shop sells the cheapest (and best) cabochons on Etsy. You can get stunning blue labradorite cabochon for as little as $2. Also, AK Gems Creations has the most beautiful larimar pieces!

Bijoux Shope: I ordered from this shop several times already, and I’m never disappointed. The service is fast, the quality perfect and the prices reasonable. You’ll find all sorts of cabochons in Bijoux Shope.

Nayra Gems: Another beautiful shop located in India. Check out the unique coral fossil cabochons, and the beautiful mookaite jasper. Nayra Gems is reasonably priced, although the larimar is a tad bit expensive. 

Websites I don’t recommend for buying crystals

There are a few places on the world wide web I definitely don’t recommend buying your crystals from, especially if you want genuine ones. For instance, sellers who sell on big popular e-commerce platforms will most likely sell fake crystals. I know some people buy from these websites, but I wouldn’t personally recommend it especially since most sellers are from China. 

Also, I’ve heard of many people buying directly on social media from random people. Do not buy from someone you’ve never heard of, especially if they don’t have a website or online shop on a reputable platform. You could end up being scammed.

Bottom line 

There are many great online shops where you can buy crystals. The best way to make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller is to read the reviews, make sure the pictures are clear and check the descriptions. I hope you liked my list of the best places to buy crystals online! Have you ever bought crystals online? Let me know in the comments below!

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My 10 Favorite Electroforming Jewelry Artists

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favorite electroforming jewelry artists

10 Amazing Electroforming Jewelry Artists To Follow This Year

Copper electroforming is a beautiful form of art, and an industry filled with talented designers. It is especially popular among crystal lovers who appreciate the mystical and magical aspect of copper creations. In fact, electroformers often create unique pieces you’ll want to wear for years to come. Read on to discover 10 of my favorite electroforming jewelry artists, and talented souls you should definitely follow this year.

1. Enchanted By Cara

Enchanted By Cara is probably the most magical shop on Etsy. It is run by Cara, a talented artist from Florida. She makes amazing jewelry, and I especially like her work because she pays a lot of attention to details.

To be honest, her work inspired me to start copper electroforming and she is definitely one of my favorites electroforming jewelry artists. She creates the most unique and beautiful pieces. 

She uses all sorts of crystals, but some of her most beautiful creations include labradorite and moonstone. Also, she makes stunning kitty pendants. Check them out on her Instagram!

2. Violet Forest Creations

If you’re looking for one of a kind copper treasures, check out Violet Forest Creations. Holly, the owner of the shop, is an electroforming artist from Pennsylvania. She creates unique pieces using raw and polished crystals. 

Inspired by the metaphysical and the mystical, Holly makes magical pendants and rings. She really knows how to combine crystals, and often uses the most beautiful stones in her creations. I love everything she makes with Aura Quartz! 

Violet forest creations releases collections regularly, so be sure to follow her on Instagram to see her latest pieces. 

3. Eden And After

Eden and After is one of my favorite electroforming artists, for one simple reason. Leah’s unique designs are simply gorgeous. She uses a lot of raw crystals in her work, giving her creations a very earthy feel.

She uses unique combinations of crystals to make the most amazing pieces. Eden And After creations are definitely one of a kind. As far as I know, she only makes pendants. 

If you love wearing beautiful raw crystals around your neck, be sure to check out Eden And After on Instagram. She updates her shop every Saturday, so be there that day if you want to grab one of her latest creations. 

4. Crafty Explorer

That’s me! I am also an electroforming artist. I started electroforming in 2019, and have been hooked to it ever since. Using mostly polished crystals, I try to create unique pieces that can be worn every day. I love using all sorts of crystals, but my favorites are labradorite and jasper. 

My most popular creations are my little bees. In fact, I love creating pieces with animals, but also roses and moons. I make mostly pendants, but also some rings and I’m planning on making bracelets as well in the near future. 

If you love crystals and copper, check out the shop section of my blog, and follow me on Instagram to see my latest creations!

crafty explorer electroformed jewelry

5. The Bones Of Hydra

The Bones Of Hydra is one of the most inspiring electroforming artists I follow on Instagram. She creates gorgeous pieces inspired by everything celestial and mystical. The Bones Of Hydra features big statement necklaces, but also smaller pieces that can be worn every day.

If you can grab one of her cherry blossom agate pieces or one of her stunning shell creations, you won’t regret it. Also, if you love purple labradorite, you should definitely check out The Bones Of Hydra because she often has stunning cabochons.

The Bones Of Hydra also sell crystals, which is great for those who prefer not to wear their precious stones around their neck. Follow The Bones Of Hydra on Instagram.

6. Unruly Alchemy

Unruly Alchemy features whimsical jewelry inspired by the worldly things of life. Renée, the owner, and maker, creates the most incredible pieces. Often using naturally deceased insects such as butterflies, scorpions or dragonflies as the centerpiece of her creations, Renée makes the most beautiful insect pendants. 

The originality of her pieces will truly amaze you, especially the real butterfly wings she immortalizes in copper. She also hand sculpts some of her pieces. Most of her creations are pendants, but she also makes earrings. 

Renée is based in beautiful Hawaii and creates the stunning pieces in her home studio. I suggest you follow her Instagram and maybe grab one of her incredible copper treasures! 

7. A Copper Lining

The first time I saw Maddie’s work, I was truly impressed. A Copper Lining features beautiful pieces of jewelry inspired by nature. Most of Maddie’s creations are natural cicadas immortalized in copper.

In her pieces, you’ll find a variety of organic materials, including bugs and other items found in nature such as leaves or pine cones. 

All the insects she uses are ethically sourced, so you don’t have to worry about animal cruelty. Maddie’s earthly treasures are truly exceptional and really detailed. 

Follow Maddie on Instagram for a chance to adopt one of her beautiful nature-inspired pendants.

8. Crystal Jewelry Affair

Crystal Jewelry Affair is a little Etsy shop ran by Rene. She is passionate about electroforming crystals and creates beautiful jewelry. Unlike many other electroforming jewelry artists, Rene creates many dainty electroformed crystal pendants, which is great for those who like discreet jewelry.

Rene is a talented woman, and she can also customize a piece of jewelry just for you. What I love the most about the jewelry at Crystal Jewelry Affair, is the diversity in the designs. Rene can literally make anything! 

If you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry designed by Rene from Crystal Jewelry Affair, follow her on Instagram.

9. Wild And The Wolf

Wild And The Wolf is a handmade jewelry business owned by Zena, an electroforming jewelry artist from Australia. Zena designs and creates her electroformed jewelry pieces with stunning crystals. To create her beautiful jewelry, Zena uses cabochons, crystal points and even wolf shaped crystals.

Wild And The Wolf features mystical creations that will ravish any crystal lover. Be sure to check out her fox or wolf crystal carved pieces. They are truly one of a kind.

Zena’s jewelry is refined and can be worn every day. Follow her on Instagram to discover more of her work.

10. The Local Radish

Brittany is the electroforming jewelry artist behind The Local Radish. She is a talented artist from Indiana who creates stunning electroformed pendants. 

I find Brittany’s designs really simple, and that’s what I like about her creations. She usually uses one or two crystal cabochons, that she electroforms to create a wearable piece of art.

She uses a wide range of different crystals, which is great because I found that most electroforming jewelry artists stick to the favorites: amethyst, labradorite and moonstone – and I’m guilty of this too!

Be sure to check out Brittany’s work on Instagram. 

Bottom line

Copper electroforming is a unique process used by many artists to create one of a kind pieces of jewelry. It is one of my passions, which is why I wanted to share this list of my favorite copper electroforming artists. Whether you’re looking for unique crystal designs or earthy pieces, these artists have the perfect piece of jewelry for you. Have you ever adopter a treasure from the electroforming jewelry artists I mentioned above? Let me know in the comments!

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The Best Places To Buy Crystals Online

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