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How I Grew My Blog Traffic By 1,640% In One Month

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Pinterest is one of the biggest sources of traffic for many bloggers. It takes time to master it, but it’s a fantastic tool that can bring you hundreds of daily views once you know how to use it. I know Pinterest can be overwhelming, and that it takes time to understand all its fantastic perks. But trust me, it is well worth the effort. I managed to grow my blog traffic from Pinterest by 1,640% in just a month!

Do you feel at loss with Pinterest? Are you struggling to bring traffic to your blog no matter how active you are on the platform? Don’t worry, I’ve been there too. Trust me, I was really confused when I first started using Pinterest. In fact, I couldn’t understand how it worked and I didn’t know it would become a great source of traffic for my travel blog.

When I first started using Pinterest in November 2018 I had 20 page views from Pinterest that month. The following month, I implemented my Pinterest strategy and got 352 views on my blog from Pinterest. That’s 1,640% increase in just a few weeks. Amazing, right? This is exactly why you need Pinterest in your life. Keep in mind, that November was also the month I launched my blog. So I’m talking about a brand new blog here! 

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Why you should use Pinterest to boost your blog traffic

Before I tell you my secrets to use Pinterest effectively to bring traffic to your travel blog (or any blog for that matter), here are a few things you should know about this fantastic platform.

  • Even though I call Pinterest a social media, it’s not. It works like a search engine.
  • Pinterest is a free platform and brings FREE traffic to your blog. (unless you use Pinterest ads)
  • There are more than 250 million monthly active users on Pinterest. Most of them are women in their twenties.
  • It takes a pin around 3 months to get 50 percent of its engagement. A pin lives on average 7 months on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest won’t bring traffic to your blog instantly. It takes weeks, even months to see real results.
  • The most profitable target markets are on Pinterest. 93 percent of pinners use Pinterest to plan a purchase. In fact, it’s the number one shopping platform among millennials.

These are just a few reasons why using Pinterest is a great idea. I‘m going to give you my exact strategy on how I grew my Pinterest traffic by 1,640% in one month. But before you start implementing my strategy, you need to have the following on your Pinterest account.

Have your account set up on business

To make it easy for your followers to find you, your Pinterest needs to have the same name as your blog. Create a bio that fits your blog. It’s also best to use the same profile picture on all your social media so you are recognizable.

Have boards relevant to your niche, board covers and keyword filled descriptions for every board: If like me, you’re a travel blogger, your most relevant boards should be about travel. When I first started Pinterest, I created around 20 boards which is good to start with. You can create boards for each continent or each country, give travel tips, ideas, guides… Don’t forget to create a board for all your blog pins. For example, my board is “Crafty Explorer” and I only post pins from my blog posts in it.

Claim your website

Claim your website to be able to improve your branding across Pinterest. Once you claim your website, you can see performance data for your pins and see what works best.

Allow rich pins

Rich pins are very important if you want other pinners to find you on Pinterest. By allowing rich pins, you let Pinterest know that you provide high-quality content to pinners. Rich pins get more views that “normal pins”.

Create high-quality pins

Learning to make your pins stand out of the crowd is very important. High-quality pins are one of the reasons successful people get a lot of traffic from Pinterest. I use Canva to make my pins. Canva is a fantastic designing tool, free and easy to use. High-quality pins should always be vertical, 735×1102 pixels, with bright colors, and a maximum of 2 different fonts.

high-quality pins

Join group boards

Group boards are a great way to get content seen by thousands of pinners. You can find hundreds of active group boards to join on Pin groupie. You can also search them on Pinterest and send a request to the owner to join their board. I have recently started creating group boards, which is a great way to gain reach and followers on Pinterest. All you have to do is open your board to collaborators and ask people on social media to join it. By the way, if you want to join one of my group boards, just drop me a message!

If you are feeling at loss with Pinterest or just starting out, I recommend you sign up to my FREE 5-day email course on how to get started with Pinterest. In this course, I teach you all of the above in details, and I give you extra tips to make sure you start on the right foot with Pinterest. It’s probably one of the most complete FREE Pinterest e-course out there, so don’t miss it!

It took me hours of reading, researching and experiencing to fully understand what works on Pinterest and what doesn’t. So I created this course to help you master Pinterest, and grow your blog traffic faster. And because It is extremely important that you fully understand Pinterest and how it works before you go any further. Once you’ve followed the course, you can start implementing my pining strategy that made my blog clicks grow by 1,640% in one month.

How I grew my blog traffic by 1,640% in one month 

I know you’re dying to know what I did to grow this fast… Well, Tailwind is the main tool I used to grow my blog clicks drastically. Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler that allows you to pin your pins and other pins to your boards. All you have to do is schedule all of your pins for the day, week, or month and tailwind will automatically post them for you. By using tailwind, you are always active on Pinterest. Tailwind also helped go from 10K to 500K monthly viewers on my Pinterest profile in less than 8 weeks.

What I like the most about Tailwind is that suggests ideal time slots for you to pin. Which is great because your pins will be posted when your viewers are more active on the platform. Using Tailwind is very simple, all you have to do is install the extension on your browser and select the pins you want to schedule. With Tailwind, I can schedule one month worth of content in just a few hours. 

You can sign up for Tailwind, and try it out for free. The free version lets you schedule and publish up to 100 pins, which is more than enough to start with. I have personally used the free version of Tailwind for 1 week before I decided to pay for the upgrade. It’s honestly the best investment I’ve made for my blog. Because Tailwind pins everything automatically, I don’t have to spend time on Pinterest anymore and I can spend more time working on blog posts or on other social media. With Tailwind, I pin 50-60 times per day (day and night) with a mix of 40% my content, and 60% others.

Tailwind also has other features, including smart loop and tailwind tribes. I personally haven’t started using Smart Loop so I won’t talk about it today. However, I am using the tribes.

Tailwind tribes are groups in which you can share your content and repin other bloggers content. It’s was created to help bloggers grow together. I do use the tribes, and I’m very happy with it. On the free version, you can join 5 tribes and pin 30 pins per month. By using the tribes, your content is in front of more people. It’s a great tool to use honestly, and the free version of Tailwind includes the tribes.

How to use Tailwind

Once you’ve signed up for your free trial, you can start using Tailwind. It is the best tool you can use to schedule your pins on Pinterest. It also has many features, so I will just go through the auto-schedule feature, which is the one I use most.

The first thing to do it to check your publisher page where you can see your weekly pinning schedule. You can choose how often you want to pin and at what time.

The green slots are suggested by Tailwind and are the best times to pin. As you can see, I pin around 60 times a day or every 30 minutes. I decided not to pick all of Tailwind suggested slots and add my own because I figured that pinning regularly was better than just pinning at the best times. This strategy has worked well for me so far, but you can choose to schedule your pins how you want.

tailwind schedule pinterest

Once you’ve chosen your time slots, you will see your schedule in the publisher. All you have to do is fill in the slots with pins, and Tailwind will publish them automatically.

To add pins to your schedule, click on the “create new pin” button at the top right corner of the screen.

tailwind schedule

You will have to choose a picture, and the pin will be sent to drafts. From there add a description, a board and a link to your pin. Add it to your schedule f by clicking the green “schedule” button. 

If you want to pin others content, you will need to install Tailwind’s browser extension. Once the installation is complete, click on the extension’s logo and you will see a page that looks like this:

tailwind extension browser

Select the pins you want to schedule and click go schedule at the bottom right of the page. You will be redirected to the drafts page, where you can add a board to your pins and schedule them.

As you can see, Tailwind is a pretty easy tool to use. If you’re serious about your blog and intend to make it your full-time job, I really think having Pinterest and Tailwind is essential. Obviously, I cannot guarantee that you will see a 1,640% growth with your blog when you start using Tailwind because every blog is different. However, I can guarantee that you will see positive results. And in the long run, with some patience and hard work, you will surely be rewarded. 

Are you still feeling confused? You can still sign up to my FREE Pinterest 5-day email course to learn to master this amazing tool. 

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How to boost blog traffic one month

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