Here are the answers to the most common questions I get. If you have other questions, feel free to contact me.

♦ Where do you live?

I don’t live anywhere permanently. My address is at my mom’s house in France, but I’m never over there. I’ve just been going from one country to another for the past 5 years.

♦ What are your top 3 favorite countries?

New Zealand is my favorite country so far, probably the most beautiful country I’ve visited. After that, I’d say England and Malaysia. But there are so many countries I haven’t been to yet!

♦ How can you afford to travel full time?

This is a question I get so often. I work like everybody else to pay for my travels. The only difference is that I work only so I can travel more. I usually work 3 to 6 months per year and travel the rest of the time.

♦ What countries do you dream to visit?

Canada is the #1 country on my bucket list, and we’re heading there in February. I’m super excited about that. Also, I’d love to go to Bolivia, Mexico, Iran, Jordan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. This is just the top of my list, I actually want to go everywhere.

♦ Are you going to settle down one day? if so, where?

Yes, I probably will settle down one day. This is not in my plans right now because I feel I still have so much to live before I settle down. I haven’t really thought about where I would settle down, I guess I’ll just go where life takes me.

♦ Who do you travel with?

I’ve traveled solo for 3 years, but I’ve been traveling with my boyfriend for the past 2 years. Traveling solo and as a couple is a totally different experience. I like both, and I’m very glad I got to travel on my own for 3 years because I’ve learned so much about myself. But now, I can’t imagine traveling without my life partner, simply because sharing something with someone you love makes it even more special.

♦ What do you do for work?

I do whatever job I find. I’ve worked many different jobs. I’ve worked as an admin, as a horse handler (yes, I’ve worked with horses for an entire year – best time ever!), as a fruit picker, as a hotel housekeeper, as a receptionist and now I’m working on this blog! The good thing is, I have developed many skills. I will be working in Canada, and I’m really looking forward to know what I will be doing.

♦ Do you make money from your blog?

I do! I don’t make enough to be able to quit my day job yet, but I intend to in the next few months. I also sell my handmade jewelry. Just a few pieces per month, enough to give me some extra income. I sell them on a pay-what-you-want scheme, which means you can pay whatever you think the product is worth. If you’d like to help me and support my creativity, click here to see my handmade jewelry. Each piece is unique, and plus you get a free postcard of the country I’m at when you order!

♦ What’s your next destination?

Currently, I’m in Turkey and my next destination is Canada. To know where I am and where my next destination is, subscribe to my blog to receive all the latest news about my adventure and awesome travel tips!

♦ How can I contact you?

You can contact me simply by sending me a message here.

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