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5 Stunning Beaches In Toulon, France

sentier des douaniers toulon mitre plage

Home to some of the best beaches in France, Toulon is well-known for its warm weather throughout the year. Whether you are looking for iconic beaches with plenty of family-friendly activities and facilities or secluded beaches that offer more privacy, you will definitely find your ideal beach in Toulon. Below, you’ll find a list of 5 beaches in Toulon for swimming, playing in the sand or just taking in that epic Mediterranean sea.

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1. Plage de la Mitre

Plage de la Mitre is a fantastic wild beach located walking distance from the city center of Toulon. La Mitre is home to several sandy beaches and beautiful little creeks set in a natural setting. You can easily access those beaches using the Sentier des Douaniers either from the Port Saint Louis or from the Tour Royale. The main beach of la Mitre is close to the entrance located in Port Saint Louis. There are lifeguards present on this beach in high season. Also, if you’re into snorkeling, I definitely recommend taking your gear. You’ll get to see many of the amazing fish that live in the Mediterranean sea at la Mitre.

mitre beach

mitre beach

This beach is perfect for everyone, you’ll find sunny and shady spots, it’s non-smoker and there is also a shower. You’ll love the clarity and beauty of the sea at la Mitre beach. There are no shops or restaurants on this beach.

best beaches toulon france

 If you’re looking for smaller and quieter beaches, keep walking on the beautiful Sentier des Douaniers, with stunning views of the Mediterranean, and you’ll find less crowded beaches. Be careful though, one of the beaches allows nudity.

2. Anse de Mejean

Anse de Mejean is the most authentic beach you’ll find in Toulon. With its lovely fishing huts, seafood restaurants, pine and cedar trees, Anse de Mejean is the perfect place for those looking for a quiet local beach in Toulon. However, it’s a pebbles beach and not a sand beach. Anse de Mejean beach is quite small, only 700 meters long, but you’ll mostly find locals there.

anse de mejean

Also, don’t miss the beautiful little church perched on top of a coastal cliff. From up there, you’ll get a stunning view of the sea, the beach, and the surrounding area. It’s an amazing sight, and it’s very quiet.

mejean cove chapel toulon

You can walk to this beach from the Mourillon using the Sentier des Douaniers. It would take around 30 minutes to reach Anse de Mejean, and part of the path is on the road. If you have a car, you can reach Anse de Mejean easily, as there is a small car park just 5 minutes walk from the beach. 

3. Plages du Mourillon

Spreading from Fort Saint Louis to the Yacht Club, the beaches of the Mourillon are the most popular in Toulon. They are split into four beaches, respectively called Plage du Lido, Anse Mistral, Plage de la Source and Plage des Pins. Probably the best spot for families, the beaches of the Mourillon are backed by a beautiful parc where you’ll find children playgrounds, restaurants and more.

morillon beach toulon

Easily accessible from the city center, these beaches are very crowded in high season. There is an on-site car park which is free. Or you can simply walk 30 minutes from the center of Toulon to the Mourillon. Activities at the beach include walking along the beaches, sunbathing on the rocks, or jogging.

mourillon viewpoint beach

If you are in the area, I definitely recommend checking out the streets of le Mourillon, where you’ll find artisan shops, local bakeries and even a small local market on the weekend. Le Mourillon is definitely an area of Toulon you shouldn’t miss.

4. Plage de Pipady

Located in front of the Tour Royale, Pipady beach is exclusively known by the locals. The beach is separated in two by a seawall. You can access both sides, and there are lifeguards on site in high season. This beach is clean, non-smoker and you’ll also find toilets and showers. 

Pipady beach toulon tour royale

Pipady beach is located only a few minutes walk from the Mourillon, but they are a great alternative for those who prefer less crowded locations. You can easily access Pipady beach by car, as there is a big car park next to the Tour Royale. From there, it’s only a 5 minutes walk to the beach. 

Once you are in Pipady beach, you can follow the Sentier des Douaniers and reach the beaches of la Mitre in 10-15 minutes. This area is definitely a little piece of paradise in Toulon, and I definitely recommend checking it out when you’re visiting the city.

pipady beach toulon

5. Anse de Magaud

Anse de Magaud is located right next to Anse de Mejean. This beach is smaller than the one on Anse de Mejean, but like its neighbor, its made of small pebbles. Anse de Magaud is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the region.

Anse de Magaud is known only by locals and even in summer, it won’t be too crowded. The beach is clean, quiet and there are lifeguards on site in high season. Access to this beach is not the easiest. There is little parking space, and once parked, a steep path will take you to this magnificent beach.

anse magaud toulon france

In Anse de Magaud, the water is clear, the area is simply stunning and there is even a small restaurant there if you fancy having lunch in a natural setting. On top of that, Anse de Magaud is the best beach in Toulon for snorkeling. So don’t forget your gear, and enjoy this fantastic area of Toulon.

Toulon is definitely home to some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean coast. Whether you want to enjoy the secluded beach of la Mitre or let your kids play in the sand in the family-friendly beaches of the Mourillon, you’ll find something for you in Toulon. Have you ever been to the beach in Toulon? Let me know in the comments below!

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